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  • 4901017022459 ARIMA Soy Bean Powder Nuts 85g
  • 4901017022800 ARIMA Honey Butter Mixed Nuts 220g
  • 4901017023166 ARIMA Uji Matcha Kinako Soy Bean Snack 5
  • 4901017020448 ARIMA Soy Sauce Peanuts 110g 3


(HALAL) ARIMA healthy Snack Nuts // Peanut // Beans SERIES

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Contains 6 varieties.

1. Honey Butter Roasted Mixed Nuts 220g

Carefully selected almonds and peanuts coated with honey.Finish with butter from Hokkaido and sprinkle with salt as an accent.Enjoy the sweet and sour taste and the rich richness and aroma of butter. (Domestic production)

2. Soy Bean Powder Nuts 85g

The popular Kinako soybeans have been renewed. The aroma of soybeans and kinako is retained, but the crispy texture isadded ! (Newly released in October 2019)Domestic and contract-grown soybeans are wrapped in fragrant soybean flour.We support beauty with "isoflavone" that regulates female hormones. (Domestic production)

3. Hokkaido Roasted Black Soy Bean Snack 65g

Black soybeans from Hokkaido are roasted softly with a rich flavor.You can use it as it is, or you can easily use it for black soybean tea and black soybean rice.Ingredients:Black soybean (Hokkaido, not genetically modified)

4. Matcha Kinako Soy Bean Snack 70g

5. Soy Sauce Cashew Nuts 90g

Indian cashew nuts are crispy wrapped in flour and cold plum flour.Using a fragrant soy sauce sauce, it is roasted on a simmering fire. (Domestic production) When youeat a bite, the mellow scent of whole soy sauce and the fragrant taste spread in your mouth, and you can enjoy a crispy and crunchy texture.The cashew nuts inside are rich in minerals such as iron and zinc. It is effective in preventing anemia, relieving fatigue and improving taste.This "Kongari Cashew Nut" is perfect for those who want to maintain good health. Recommended for those who are a little tired of unglazed cashew nuts or who are looking for more snack-like nuts.IngredientsCashew nuts (from India), wheat flour,cold plum flour mix (starch, glutinous rice), sugar, whole soy sauce,vegetable fats and oils, seafood extract, salt, pepper / processed starch,swelling agent, (some wheat, cashew nuts, soybeans) including)

6. Soy Sauce Peanuts 110g

American peanuts are fragrantly seasoned with a slightly fragrant whole soy sauce. Crisp and light chewy. The deep taste of whole soy sauce is irresistible. Recommended for tea and snacks. (Domestic production)Ingredientspeanut (American), wheat flour, cold plum flour mix (starch,glutinous rice), sugar, whole soybean soy sauce, vegetable oil, seafood extract,salt, protein hydrolyzate, maltose, dextrin,asari extract powder , Yeast extract, maltose /modified starch, swelling agent, emulsifier,(some of the raw materials include peanuts, wheat, dairy ingredients, soybeans)

All varieties has Japanese Halal certification.

【Premium confectionary brand from Japan: Arima Hokodo】

Made in Kobe, Japan

100 years history of Confectionary business in Japan

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