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(READY STOCK) RYSE Disposable Pod | RYSE Disposable Flavor Pods

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We are unable to process with replacement / return / refund for this product as we have a disclaimer on the description stating this product is not replaceable / returnable / refundable. Every product is properly checked before being sent out, any inconvenience/ unsuspectable event happpened is regretted.

A pocket fitting disposable device holding your potentially new favorite vape juice known as a brand named RYSE. This company is known to come at you with top-notch quality within its ingredients as well as the pull of the hit. Smooth mellow clouds soaking your tongue in luxurious fruits with every hit drawing in perfect airy notes that will have you hooked on the first hit.

Product Highlight :

>>Portable. Your best travel campanion

>> Disposable. No need to charge

>> Shareable. Connect friends

>> Accessible. Stock for Demand

Product Parameter :

~ Battery capacity 260 mAh

~ Ejuice capacity 1.35 ml

~ 350- 500 puffs

- Nicotine: 5% (50mg)

RYSE Disposable Pods Flavour List :


A perfect mixture of sweet watermelons with a nice iced kick to the taste. On the inhale a sweet rush of watermelon will layer onto your tongue only intensifying on the exhale as it carries the cooling breeze of menthol along with it. Chilled watermelon is all this device will ever give you and nothing could be better than that.


A mentholated flavor withholding the tones of freshly picked mint that’ll give you goosebumps after every hit. On the inhale a winter-like breeze will carry along your tongue enlightening each of your taste buds with ice-cool vapor. As you exhale the taste of mint will soil itself onto your tongue grasping the sweet tones that just tingle your taste buds in excitement.


It’s bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Sweet banana with an icy feel in every puff you take. On the inhale a gush of creamy banana will clash through filling itself in any nook and cranny it could possibly get into. On the exhale the ice-cool mentholated notes will take over everything stinging the back of your throat with satisfaction.


This juice has got it all. Tangy, citrus, and fruity tones all from one smooth hit from this device. On the inhale it’ll feel like you nibbled into a tangerine with all the juices streaming across your tongue. As you exhale each blend of flavor will mix together and intensify on the way out slightly staining your tongue with a soft tangy feel.


A savory beverage now made into a vape juice for you to enjoy twenty-four seven without going flavor blind no matter how many times you hit it. Each hit equals one sip of actual pineapple lemonade; they hit the nail on the head crafting this. On the inhale tangy citrus notes of pineapple will pile on your tongue as the bitter tones of lemon add on more flavor when you go to exhale: creating a whirlpool of eye-rolling pineapple lemonade.


A fusion of lemonade with a hint of cranberry and strawberry. Truly the perfect balance of sweet and sour for those who love a good bitter-sweet smack to the tongue. On the inhale the bitter notes of lemon carry a citrus draft that tags along all throughout the pull. When you go to exhale a fusion of cranberry and strawberry will hit the back of your throat bathing it in an everlasting fruity haze.

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