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(SEASONAL) YAMAZAKI BISCUITS Picola Roll Cookie (Sakura Matcha Cream) (8052)

Spring picola of matcha cream with cherry-colored cookies and gorgeous cherry blossoms. With a gorgeous cherry blossom scent as an accent, this is a special matcha flavor that is an exquisite blend of two types of Uji matcha (Uji matcha with a strong bitterness and Uji matcha with a strong umami). Matcha cream with scented cherry blossoms is combined with spring-like cherry-colored roll cookies. The cream uses stone milled Uji matcha with a smooth texture and domestic cherry powder. This time, on the back of the package, we will set up a "message space" where you can write a little thank you and words of support in accordance with the season of meeting and parting, in order to expand the picola consumption scene.

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