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KAMEDA Baby Rice Crackers 120g (1257)

These light, crispy ‘senbei’ called Happy Turn are not a typical senbei that you can buy in other shops. These crackers have a lighter, softer crispiness to them as well as a mild salt taste, making them very popular with children. A snack pack of rice crackers. This crispy light texture is nice and the slightly sweet soy sauce taste is just perfect. This is soft so it is good for everyone from children to the elderly. They are all packed individually in so you don’t have to get messy hands;) Please enjoy your tea time with this when you have a break. You can’t stop going back to get more with this yummy sweetness and saltiness mixed taste. It has a nice crispy and soft texture. It’s not too too hard so small children can eat them easily too, take them in your bag when you go out. Share with your friends and family and enjoy the crispiness and chat with friends.


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