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ASAHI Calpis Water 300g Pouch (1119)

EXP: 30 JUNE 2022

"Calpis" has a refreshing taste and is deliciously finished with pure water. You can easily enjoy the unique taste created by the natural manufacturing method of lactic acid bacteria, yeast, and fermentation anytime, anywhere.


Sugars (fructose-glucose liquid sugar, sugar), skim milk powder, lactic acid bacteria beverage / acidulant, flavoring, stabilizer (soy polysaccharide) Nutritional ingredients: Energy (kcal) 43, protein (g) 0.3, lipid (g) 0, carbohydrate (g) 11, salt equivalent (g) 0.04, phosphorus (mg) less than 10, potassium (mg) about 10. Calcium: 9.9mg / 100m


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