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ASAHI Carpis Gungun Glut 3 types No lactic acid bacteria 500ml (1545)

EXP : 30 MAY 2022

It is a delicious and energetic drink that you can enjoy the familiar lactic acid flavor with healthy ingredients. The unique lactic acid bacteria carefully selected by Calpis, and plenty of calcium and amino acids (BCAA) support a healthy and positive life.

"Gungun Glut 3 types of lactic acid bacteria" is a milky beverage made with 3 types of carefully selected lactic acid bacteria.As for the content, you can continue to use whey powder derived from milk, and youcan drink plenty of familiar rich taste while keeping the taste that has been evaluated ."Gungun Guruto" was launched in 2003 as a milky beverage that can take lactic acid bacteria deliciously.We will continue to aim to expand as a brand that can replenish energy in the season when tiredness tends to accumulate.

Ingredients: Sugars (fructose-glucose liquid sugar (domestic production), sugar), lactic acid bacteria beverage, defatted milk powder, protein-concentrated whey powder / acidulant, stabilizer (soy polysaccharide), fragrance, sweetener (aspartame / L-phenylalanine compound, acesulfame) K)

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