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DAISHO Hot Pot Soup 750g (10 Flavors) 日式豚骨味增火锅汤底 JAPAN

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DAISHO Hot Pot Soup 750g (10 Flavors) 日式豚骨味增火锅汤底 JAPAN Ratings: 0 - 0 votes


Pork EXP:

Urchin & Soy Milk EXP:4 APRIL 2023

Kimchi EXP: 21 JUNE 2023

Spicy Kimchi EXP: 11 JUNE 2023

Miso Kimchi EXP: 31 MARCH 2023

Crab Miso EXP: 28 MARCH 2023

ShellFish & Yuzu EXP: 30 SEP 2023

Chicken EXP: 13 MARCH 2023

Spicy Red Hot Pot EXP:


Mixed stock of bonito, sea bream, kelp and shrimp with a bit, of rice wine makes savory flavour.

Urchin & Soy Milk

Luxury hot pot soup base, into mellow flavour of sea urchin,

blended Hokkaido made gouda cheese and soy milk.


Daisho "Kimchi hot pot soup that eats a lot of vegetables" is made by adding gochujang, doubanjiang, and miso to the taste of chicken and seafood to bring out the original taste of vegetables, and finish it with sesame oil. Also, vegetables are the leading role in the hot pot soup.

Spicy Kimchi

Japanese hot pot broth with kimchi soup base has an umami soy sauce, sour and spicy kimchi, sweet and savory gochujang red chili paste, salty tobanjan spicy bean paste and other spices.

Miso Kimchi

A mild spicy hot pot soup made from rice miso, moromi miso, and bean miso with the richness of gochujang. Garlic and sesame oil are added to create a rich flavor.

Crab Miso

Luxury hot pot soup base, into rich sweet flavour of crab dashi,

blended mild flavour of Saikyo miso.

ShellFish & Yuzu

3 Types of shellfish and yuzu hot pot soup base

Luxury hot pot soup base blended extracts of clam,

scallop and oyster,accented with Okinawa made baked salt and refresh flavour from Kyushu made Yuzu.


Dashi & soy sauce based soup enriched by bonito

of rice wine make savoury flavour. and kelp. Perfect for chicken and leek

Spicy Red Hot Pot

A hot pot soup made with sanon tou and honey, with the rich flavor of doubanjiang and gochujang, the spicy spiciness of red pepper and the umami of fishing soup, dried bonito, and kelp.

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