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EBARA BBQ SAUCE YAKINIKU 3 FLAVOUR 日本BBQ烧烤酱汁 300ml Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
Give your barbecue a Japanese twist with this glass bottle of soy sauce based barbecued meat sauce. With a rich soy sauce base, peppered with whole white sesame seeds and extracts of apples, lemons, brown sugar and honey, use this sauce to add flavour to meat in the pan, for dipping or simply drizzling on top! 这瓶以酱油为基础的烤肉酱汁可让您的烤肉充满日本风味. 酱油基料丰富,并撒上全白芝麻籽和苹果,柠檬,红糖和蜂蜜的提取物,用这种酱油可以在锅中为肉增添风味,蘸酱或仅淋在上面即可! Ebara Yakiniku Soy Sauce - BBQ (300 ml)Ingredients: soy sauce, sugar, fruits extract, miso, seasoning, salt, ginger, corn syrup, honey, sesame oil, white sesame, seasoning extract, salt, spices, bean extract. 配料:酱油,糖,水果提取物,味增,调味料,盐,姜,玉米糖浆,蜂蜜,香油,白芝麻,调味料,盐,香料,豆提取物。 Ebara Yakiniku (Mild) - BBQ (300 ml)Ingredients: soy sauce, sugar ( sugar, honey. syrup reduction), vegetables & fruit (apple, lemon, onion, ginger, garlic), miso, fermented seasoning sesame oil, white sesame seeds ( some of the raw materials including wheat).成分:酱油,糖(糖,蜂蜜,糖浆减少物),蔬菜和水果(苹果,柠檬,洋葱,姜,大蒜),味增,发酵调味香油,白芝麻(某些原料包括小麦) Ebara Yakiniku (Hot) - BBQ (300 ml)Ingredients: soy sauce, sugar, apples, fermented seasonings, gochujang, salt, fructose-glucose lquid sugar, vegetables (garlic, onion), sesame oil, apple vinegar, white sesame, honey, spices, caramel pigment (some of the raw materials contains wheat)成分:酱油,糖,苹果,发酵调味料,gochujang,盐,果糖-葡萄糖液态糖,蔬菜(大蒜,洋葱),香油,苹果醋,白芝麻,蜂蜜,香料,焦糖色素(一些原料)包含小麦)How To UseUse this sauce as:• A dipping sauce for yakiniku grilled meat, seafood and vegetables.• Add to a frying pan with meat to create a tasty marinade sauce.• Add to other dishes such as stir fries for extra flavour.如何使用将此酱用作:•用于烤肉,海鲜和蔬菜的蘸酱。•加入带有肉的煎锅中,制成可口的腌泡汁。•加入其他菜肴,例如炸薯条,以增添风味。*Once opened, please keep refrigerated and consume as soon as possible**一旦打开,请保持冷藏并尽快食用*
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