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FUJIYA LOOK One Piece of Luxury Chocolate (Sakura Mochi / Matcha Anmitsu)

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In the image of "Sakura Mochi", which is the sweetness that represents spring, we wrapped Sakura whipped cream, red bean paste, and gummy with glutinous powder in milk chocolate.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar (foreign or domestic), vegetable oil, azuki sauce, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, gummy candy (sugar, reduced water candy, water candy, gelatin, starch, glutinous rice flour preparation), cherry sauce, cocoa butter, lactose, defatted milk powder , Oil processed products, liquor beverages, starch / trehalose, powdered cellulose, emulsifiers (derived from soybeans), fragrances (derived from milk / soybeans), coloring agents (red koji, vegetable pigments)


With the image of "Matcha Anmitsu", we wrapped matcha whipped cream and anko jelly with brown sugar in milk chocolate.

Ingredients: Foods made mainly from sugar (foreign or domestic), vegetable oils and fats, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, azuki jelly, cocoa butter, lactose, milk, etc., matcha, defatted milk powder, starch / glycerin, sorbit, emulsifier (derived from soybeans) , Fragrance (derived from milk / soybean), Gelling agent (caraginan), Coloring agent (caramel, vegetable pigment), Brightener

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