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  • 4902560422567 HAGOROMO Papato Rice Furikake Tamago 30g
  • 4902560422611 HAGOROMO Papatto Rice Furikake Shisen Mabo 20g
  • 4902560422604 HAGOROMO Papatto Rice Furikake Corn Potage 20g


HAGOROMO Papato Rice Furikake Seasoning 日本拌饭海苔

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HAGOROMO Papato Rice Furikake Seasoning 日本拌饭海苔 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Contains calcium and iron, which tend to be deficient.

Bonito Fish :

It is a sprinkle with a sweet and crunchy texture and plenty of flavor.

Shiso Taste:

It is a sprinkle with a rich flavor of refreshing sesame and fragrant sesame.

Sprinkle Egg:

A flavorful sprinkle of egg and seaweed with a gentle sweetness.

Sprinkle Wasabi :

A savory and stimulating sprinkle of wasabi and dried bonito flakes.

Spicy Mentaiko :

The spicy and spicy rice goes on!

Corn Potage :

With crushed corn! A slightly sweet and creamy corn potage-flavored sprinkle.

Spicy Mapo Taste :

Numbing stimulus! It is a sprinkle of Sichuan mapo flavor that the rice goes on with the authentic spiciness of Chinese pepper and doubanjiang.

Salmon Taste:

With plenty of delicious salmon flakes!Contains Ca and Fe.

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