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MARUCHAN Instant Noodles TANOSHIYA Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Rich pork bone ramen (Green)

A large tonkotsu ramen with mellow and rich tonkotsu soup, wood ear, minced chicken, sesame, and green onions.

Gotsumori Corn Miso Ramen (Yellow)

Large-sized miso ramen with rich red and white miso soup, corn, minced chicken, and onions.

Assorted salted dandan noodles (Blue)

Omori Shio Tantan Noodles with a garlic flavor and the spiciness of chili oil, which makes it junk and addictive.

Wonton soy sauce ramen (Red)

A large soy sauce ramen with meat-filled wonton, minced chicken, corn, and green onions in a soy sauce soup with the sweetness of onions.

Tonkotsu soy sauce ramen (Purple)

A large tonkotsu soy sauce ramen with roast pork, naruto, and green onions in a mellow tonkotsu soy sauce soup.

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