• 4902713125932 MARUKOME Nama Shio-koji 200g TANOSHIYA WEBSITE.jpg
  • 4902713125932 MARUKOME Nama Shio-koji 200g  TANOSHIYA WEBSITE.jpg
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Japan MARUKOME Nama Shio-koji Seasoning 200G (5932)

A fresh shio koji produced through the action of enzymes created by koji fungi in which the enzymes remain. These enzymes bring out the flavor of fish, meat and vegetables, making this a universal condiment with natural umami flavor. Its mellow flavor enhances many dishes.

Net weight : 200G

Ingredients : Rice Malt,Salt,Alcohol,Water

Nutrition Facts Energy 27kcal Protein 0.4g Fat 0g Carbohydrate 6.1g Sodium 592mg Salt 1.5g Nutrition Facts (per 15g)

The 3 Features of SHIO KOJI

1. Tenderizes meat and has masking effect. The actions fo the product's ingredients tenderize meat and fish and ensure that dishes can be enjoyed after cooking even they have cooled. SHIO KOJI also moderates the strong aroma of meat and fish.

2. SHIO KOJI enhances the flavor The action of enzymes that decomposes protein in amino acids enhances flavor to produce delicious dishes that bring out the taste of the ingredients.

3. No chemical seasoning additives LIQUID SHIO KOJI is a simple seasoning produced from rice malt and salt and contains no coloring or chemical seasoning. In addition LIQUID SHIO KOJI enhances cooling yield! Marinating ingredients in LIQUID SHIO KOJI improves the moisture retaining effect in meat and fish, enhancing the cooking methods. In addition, the water retention enhancing effect adds to the juiciness of meat and fish.

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