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JAPAN POKKA Soft Drink Mikan / Apple 400g

Plenty of luxury mikan (400g)

A fruit juice drink with pulp that contains plenty of tangerines.With the firm sweetness of 40% mandarin orange juice and the texture of mashed oranges, you can spend a luxurious time as if you were eating oranges as they are.

INGREDIENTS: Fruits (mandarin oranges, yuzu), fruit grains (mandarin oranges), sugars (isomerized liquid sugar, sugar) / acidulants, Ca lactate, vitamin C, sweeteners (acesulfame K)

Crispy diced luxury apple (400g)

A fruit juice drink with flesh that has a crispy texture and contains apples cut into cubes.With its rich taste and texture of apples, you can spend a luxurious time as if you were biting an apple.


Apples, sugars (high fructose corn syrup, sugar), grains (apples) / acidulants, thickeners (xanthan, agar), Ca lactate, vitamin C, fragrances, emulsifiers, sweeteners (acesulfame K, sucralose), ( Some apples are included)

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