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AMANOYA Senbei Rice Cracker

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  • Japanese rice crackers
  • Crunchy and tasty
  • Product of Japan

Amanoya Hitokuchi Kabukiage, Rice confectionery 100 g
One-piece size that is easy to eat while retaining the taste of "Kabukiage". Contains about 100g, which is easy to put in your mouth in a bite size and can be eaten generously. If you notice it, you can eat a bag in no time, it is a delicious taste. Using the same soy sauce and coarse sugar as the sauce of "Kabukiage", it is seasoned to match the size of one bite.
  • Energy: 549kcal
  • Fat: 33,7gof which saturated:
  • Carbohydrate: 57,3gof which sugar:
  • Sodium (Salt): 1,9g
  • Protein: 4,7g


Pack Code:4901035702517

  • Kabukiage is popular in Japan and loved by anyone from children to an adult.
  • It is crunchy texture.
  • The mini-size that is easy to eat.
  • The most popular,Soy sauce taste. 3.52oz


    Kabukiage is a deep-fried and glazed Japanese rice cracker.

    • Comes in individually wrapped packaging
    • Made in Japan by Amanoya

    Product description An assortment of luxuriously packed three types of small kabuki fried soy sauce, shrimp salt and plum bonito Raw materials and ingredients ◆ Soy sauce flavor: Urushi rice (US and domestic) vegetable oil, sugar, soy sauce (including wheat and soybeans), fructose-glucose liquid sugar, seasoning extract (including soybeans), salt / processed starch (derived from wheat), seasoning (amino acids) Etc.), caramel pigments and shrimp salty: Urushi rice (US and domestic) vegetable oil, shrimp, salt (Ako salt 50%), glucose, starch, shrimp flavor powder (including wheat and soybeans), seasoning extract (including soybeans) ), Spices / processed starch, sorbitol, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), Benikouji pigment ◆ Umebatsu flavor: Uruchi rice (US / domestic) vegetable oil, seasoning liquid for rice confectionery (sugar, umeme, salt, bonito extract, vinegar vinegar) , Fermented seasoning, soy sauce, bonito powder (including wheat and soybeans) / processed starch (derived from wheat), seasonings (amino acids, etc.), acidulants, Benikomoji pigments, flavors, sweeteners (licorice)

    Wasabi Flavor:

    A delicious, crisp and tasty snack from Japan. Arare cookies are great with beer, or just as a snack for lunch.

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