• 4901360329335 BOURBON Kita no Tamago Sable 8Pcs 315659 TANOSHIYA WEBSITE.jpg
  • 4901360329335 BOURBON Kita no Tamago Sable 8Pcs   TANOSHIYA WEBSITE.jpg

BOURBON Kita No Tamago Sable BISCUITS ( 9335 ) 日本小麦鸡蛋饼干


Product of Japan. Bourbon Kita No Tamago Sable Egg Cookies are made from eggs of Northern Japan. These delicious sables are in shape of broken egg where a chick comes out. Definitely a good snack for kids and for adults too!

Gentle taste of discerning eggs!

INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, sugar, whole egg, margarine (including milk components), butter, shortening, sweetened milk, salt, vegetable oil / swelling agent, flavor (milk derived), emulsifier (soybean derived) 

Products from Japan .

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