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Japanese CALBEE Chips Series 日本薯片 (HOT SELLING) TANOSHIYA

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The chicken powder and beef powder have been enhanced so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of the meat kneaded into the dough to the end.In addition, the package is also designed to express the deliciousness of meat with a sizzle feeling that has an impact.


It is a heart-shaped snack that contains 5 kinds of green and yellow vegetables, and you can enjoy 3 kinds of colors of green, yellow and red and the deliciousness of each vegetable.The three colors and heart shape are cute, and you can enjoy delicious and enjoyable vegetables.I wonder if you can find a big red heart that is about twice the size!??


We knead potatoes + 7 kinds of vegetables into the dough and carefully make them over time.It is a timeless snack that you can enjoy the gentle taste of vegetables with the crushed vegetables that are fun to look at.


Four 8g packages are connected. It is lighter in seasoning than Kappa Ebisen and does not use any oil, so it is recommended for small children.It has a light taste and a pleasant texture, so it is also recommended for adults who are concerned about salt and oil.


Thick, crispy potato chips with a satisfying taste, topped with mild and rich cheese.Satisfying thick-sliced ​​potato chips with rich, thick cheese and spicy pizza sauce.


With the crisp and light texture unique to Calbee and the moderate saltiness that makes the best use of the deliciousness of potatoes, it is delicious to eat steadily!


A soup made by slowly boiling meat and vegetables. That gut! The condensed umami and secret spices match the crisp and light texture of potato chips, and it's delicious! !!

Norishio (seaweed)

A perfect balance of flavorful green laver, sea lettuce and crisp salty taste! It has a crispy and light texture that matches the deliciousness of the paste.


It is a long-selling product released in 1964.Contains whole shells of natural shrimp! That's why it's delicious. That's why it contains calcium. You can enjoy the timeless taste and crispy texture, and the deliciousness is "I can't stop, I can't stop ♪".

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