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ECHIGO Funwari Mochi Powder Ball

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Soy Flour

It has a light taste that melts "fluffy" and a savory taste. The fluffy kinako mochi has become even more delicious! Using carefully selected Hokkaido soybeans, the kinako that has become even more delicious and the fluffy texture of 100% domestically produced glutinous rice are combined to create an elegant taste. You can enjoy the best kinako mochi.

Ingredients : Vegetable oil (domestic production), glutinous rice (domestic), sugar (Wasanbon 20%), kinako (Hokkaido soybean), glucose, salt


Cheddar cheese is kneaded into mochi, and Hokkaido cheese and Tokachi raclette cheese are used to create a mellow finish. You can enjoy the mellow taste of cheese that spreads softly in your mouth.

Ingredients: Vegetable fats and oils (domestic production), glutinous rice (domestic), cheese seasoning (cheese powder (using Hokkaido cheese), salt, glucose, sugar, etc.), cheddar cheese powder / trehalose, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), coloring agents ( Carotinoid), emulsifiers, flavors, (some include milk and soybeans)

By using whole milk powder processed from raw milk from Hokkaido, we finished it with a milk chocolate with a rich taste and aroma, and coated it on a small kinako dough.

Ingredients: Chocolate coating (domestic production (vegetable oil, sugar, whole milk powder (Hokkaido), cocoa butter)), glutinous rice (domestic), sugar, salt / emulsifier (soybean origin), flavoring

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