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SANGARIA Ramune Hata Carbonated Japan Soft Drinks Ramune Soda (4536)

Japanese sangaria ramune hata drink

Step 1: Remove outer wrapper from the top of the bottle.

Step 2: You will see a plunger topper and a plastic ring sitting loosely on the top of the bottle. Remove these, take off the plastic ring and set aside.

Step 3: You will see the top of the ramune soda marble sitting just inside the bottle. Place the plunger topper on top of the marble and push down until the marble falls into the marble chamber (the wider part of the neck of the bottle).

Step 4: Some bottles will have two little grooves on one side of the marble chamber. When drinking from the bottle, allow the marble to roll towards these grooves. They will stop the marble from rolling further and blocking the flow of the liquid.

Based in Osaka, Sangaria is one of Japan's most established and far-reaching Japanese bottled beverage companies. Famous for their slogan, "Ichi, Ni, Sangaria" which translates to "one, two, sangaria!;" they have cemented their status in Japanese popular culture with classic beverages like ramune and green tea.

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