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  • 4901626063904 SANKO Iso Meguri 80g TANOSHIYA WEBSITE.jpg

SANKO Iso Meguri Seaweed Rice Cracker 80g

  1. "4 flavors in 1 bag. Seaweed soy sauce flavor. Black seaweed soy sauce flavor. 80g in 1 bag.

We mixed two types of seaweed rolls, "Yaki Norimaki" and "Black Norimaki", and "Salad" and "Zarame" okaki. Please enjoy the flavorful taste.

Sales areaNationwide
Internal capacity80g
raw materialsRice (Chinese, Thai, etc.), sugar, soy sauce (including wheat and soybeans), vegetable fats and oils, dextrin, seaweed, salt (40% from Ishigaki Island, Okinawa Prefecture), bonito extract, yeast extract, starch, spices, Shiitake mushroom extract, kelp extract, soy sauce moromi (including wheat and soybeans) / processed starch, seasonings (amino acids, etc.), coloring agents (caramel, paprika pigment), paste (purulan), plant lecithin (derived from soybeans)
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