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The popular flavor that was released in 2021 is back. The taste of pudding is reproduced with white chocolate (quasi-chocolate) with pudding flavor and caramel powder in wafer cream. As a way to eat KitKat that you can enjoy together with your family, keeping in mind Mother's Day, you can enjoy a different texture and taste by baking it with a toaster, so you can enjoy a different texture and taste in the package. I'm putting it in.

Based on banana caramel-flavored milk chocolate, banana powder and caramel powder are kneaded between the wafers. It is a popular combination that many people like for its sweet and fragrant taste. Easter, also known as Easter, is celebrated in early April every year. Easter eggs with colorful paints on eggs, which are the symbol of resurrection, and rabbits, which are the symbol of prosperity, are familiar in Japan as symbols of Easter.

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