A mini noodle that combines Kansai-style soup with a chewy, extra-fine noodle that is inspired by hand-rolled somen noodles. Ingredient : wheat flour (domestic production">
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SUGAKIYA Cup Dashi Udon Noodles 131g

“However Meijin Series” is a series based on the concept of the “timeless simple Japanese-style noodle”.

The combined grilled jaw and kelp, is an elegant while rich deep soup.

Noodles, good and Motchiri sense of raw type of features of the throat using a cutting edge round.

Pickled ginger filled up ball, Irigoma, is the ingredients of green onions.


Noodles (wheat flour, salt, vegetable oil, wheat protein, Vinegar, yeast extract, glucose), soup (salt, sugar, powdered soy sauce, lactose, powdered dried bonito, fish extract, protein hydrolyzate, powdered kelp, powder Sota section, yeast extract, pepper, animal fat, powdered mackerel clause), explosives (like ball, spring onion, seaweed), modified starches, seasoning (amino acids), pH adjusting agent, a thickener (pectin), emulsifier, caramel dyes, swelling agents, antioxidants (V.E, V.C), (including pig some of the raw)

Nutritional Information

Nutrition one meal (131 g) per

Energy 200 kcal, protein 5.4 g, lipids 2.5 g, carbohydrates 39.2 g, sodium 2.2 g, (noodles, gunpowder 0.4 g), (soup 1.8 g)

exp : 2021.07.15

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