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The healthiest drink of all is getting healthier with the green tea ready to drink matcha 's infused! Made of 100% of the tea leaves grown in japan, it combines a refreshing, slightly bitter green tea flavor with a sweeter and more aromatic flavor than matcha 's green tea powder. It 's best served straight out of the fridge.

The sweetness of matcha and green tea are well-balanced, and the aftertaste is fragrant and not astringent. We use matcha that has been carefully ground with a stone mill, so you can enjoy a deeper aroma and umami. Because it is freshly roasted tea leaves, it is fragrant, and the sweetness and aroma of matcha is delicious.

Burning, which is the final process of green tea leaves, is very important. Sangaria adopts a freshly roasted manufacturing method in order to value the aroma after burning tea. The tea is more fragrant and more delicious than conventional products. That is the secret of deliciousness realized from the relationship between the tea factory built over many years and Sangaria.

It is a manufacturing method that extracts tea leaves within 72 hours after burning. By using the tea leaves immediately after burning, the original fragrant aroma of green tea is further enhanced, and you can enjoy a mellow and soft taste.

Using tea leaves from Fujian Province, China (color type, Tieguanyin), the tea leaves have a rich and refreshing taste unique to the natural extraction method of straining tea.

Using 100% domestic tea leaves, we have developed Hojicha that can be enjoyed by children and the elderly. You can enjoy the fragrant aroma and gentle taste of "freshly roasted". It has a clean mouth and goes well with meals.

"Your fragrant barley tea", which uses freshly roasted domestic barley tea and has a fragrant taste, is a body-like barley tea that does not use preservatives and contains plant-extracted minerals. Non-caffeine that is safe for those who are concerned about caffeine!

Contains plant-extracted minerals No preservatives

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