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  • Easily enjoy broths as tasty as those made by professional chefs in your own home.
  • Storage: Store in cool, dark place, avoiding high temperature and humidity (unopened), refrigerate (after opening).

Broth forms the base of much cooking, and determines the taste of many dishes. Our fastidiousness in producing the best broths is concentrated in this tea-bag broth. Carefully selected ingredients produced in Japan are blended and adjusted to create maximum umami and fragrance using our unique golden ratio. Simply by adjusting the amount of water, this broth can be used for soups, hot pots, boiled and seasoned dishes, and more.

Main ingredients: Flavor ingredients (bonito flakes, mackerel flakes, round herring flakes, konbu seaweed, powdered shiitake mushrooms), salt, sugar, powdered soy sauce, favoring (amino acid, etc.), calcium lactate (fermentation Calcium L-lactate).


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