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SPOON JIRUSHI Japan Brown Soft Sugar 1kg (2055) 三井製糖スプーン印 上 三温糖


Deliciously finished with a strong sweetness

Similar to Johakuto, it is a sugar peculiar to Japan. It is moist and easy to use, and its rich and gentle flavor and delicious light brown color are very popular. For simmered dishes, teriyaki, vinegared dishes, pickles, etc.

"Raw sugar" is sugar cane and sugar beet extracted from sugar and crystallized.

*Some products use "caramel color" depending on the factory. Caramel is made from sugar and is used to make the color even. Since sugar is a food that can be stored for a long time, the expiration date is not stated. The colored grains are lumps of sugar and honey, so please use with confidence.

Estimated amount of use: One tablespoon of measuring spoon is about 8-9g.

Preservation method: After purchase, store at room temperature away from direct sunlight and high temperature and humidity. Place in a sealable container to prevent insects from entering and transferring odors.

Nutritional ingredients: per 100g *From the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan Energy: 383kcal Protein: 0g Lipid: 0g Carbohydrate: 99.0g Salt equivalent: 0.02g

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