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Suntory All-Free [Non-Alcoholic Beer Taste Beverage] 350ml (9094) TANOSHIYA

It is a non-alcoholic beer taste beverage that features not only functional aspects that achieve four zeros of "alcohol content of 0.00%", "zero calories", "zero sugar" and "zero purine body", but also a refreshing aftertaste of wheat and a light throat bowl. In this renewal, focusing on the return incense, we adopted a new fragrance that leads to a better throat, and by reviewing the base wort, we finished it with a refreshing taste.

Based on nutritional standards, less than 5kcal per 100ml is called "zero calories."Based on nutritional standards, less than 0.5g per 100ml is called "zero carbohydrates".

Less than 0.5mg per 100ml is set to "Purine Body Zero".Fragrance that removes from the nose after drinking

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