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UHA Puccho Bag 4 Flavors Mix Soft Candy 98g

UHA Puccho Bag 4 Flavors Mix Soft Candy 98g

Barcode : 4902750905665

The sweet and ripe fruit puree in improves the
taste! !!
Introducing 4 types of Puccho assortment!

Enjoy the four popular flavors in one bag!

In addition to Puccio's classic popularity, cola, soda, and grape flavors, you can enjoy the "apple flavor" for a limited time in one bag.

Sweet ripe fruit puree in!

By adding sweet and ripe fruit puree to the four flavors, the sweetness and deliciousness are improved.

Ingredients: Syrup (domestic production), sugar, processed vegetable fats and oils, gelatin, fructose-dextrose liquid sugar, sterilized lactic acid bacteria beverage, concentrated grape juice, apple puree, vegetable fats and oils, dextrin / sweetener (sorbitol, xylitol), acidulant, emulsifier, gel Agents (Arabic gum), fragrances, baking soda, cellulose, coloring agents (caramel, anthocyanin, spirulina blue, carotinoid, syrup, starch syrup), brighteners, (some include milk components, soybeans, apples, gelatin)

Nutrition facts label(Per 90g of product) Energy 344kcal, protein 2.3g, fat 5.6g, carbohydrate 75.0g, salt equivalent 0.11g
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