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YAMAGEN Kabayaki No Tare Sauce日本烧烤酱油350g (NON-HALAL )

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YAMAGEN Kabayaki No Tare Sauce日本烧烤酱油350g (NON-HALAL ) Ratings: 0 - 0 votes

Kabayaki No Tare Sauce (350ml)✔️Kabayaki sauce is commonly used for grilling (kabayaki or teriyaki)✔️It is made with authentic soy sauce, wine vinegar and kelp extract✔️This sauce gives the foods a shine when roasting, and a sweet flavour which arouses the appetiteIngredients: Soysauce, sugar, fructose corn syrup, fermented seasoning, wine vinegar, salt, kelp extract, yeast extract, alcohol, processed starch, caramel color

日本烧烤酱油 (350ml)✔️烧烤酱油通常用于烧烤(烤鸡肉串或照烧)✔️由正宗的酱油,酒醋和海带提取物制成✔️日式烧烤酱油使食物在烘烤时有光泽,并带有甜味,可激发食欲成分:酱油,糖,果糖玉米糖浆,发酵调味料,醋,盐,海带提取物,酵母提取物,酒精,加工淀粉,焦糖色

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