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YURAKU Black Thunder Chocolate Bar

RM 17.00
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Black Thunder Minibar Gateau Chocolate EXP : JAN 2023

"Moist feeling" is more powerful than last year! Enjoy the deliciousness of moist and rich gateau chocolate.

■ Using a special moist cake, the moist texture has been enhanced. It is a chocolate bar where you can enjoy the moist texture and rich chocolate taste, which is inspired by the royal road of chocolate sweets, "Gato Chocolat".

■ Slightly sweet and sour strawberry chips are added to the hidden taste to create a taste that gives a moderate acidity to the richness of moist chocolate.

■ Because you can enjoy it with a slightly rich sweetness feeling, it is perfect for break scenes such as between work and study and holiday snacks.

Black Thunder Minibar Cacao 72% EXP : JAN 2023

We have improved the chocolate and renewed it to a quality that allows you to enjoy the gorgeousness of cacao.

■ It is a chocolate bar coated with 72% cacao chocolate, which is perfect for those who are conscious of health. We have improved the chocolate and renewed it so that you can enjoy the aroma and taste of cacao. *

Each bottle contains 108 mg of cacao polyphenol . It is an easy-to-eat high-cacao product that has the same crunchy texture and satisfaction of Black Thunder, but with the deliciousness of 72% cacao chocolate. We have improved the chocolate and renewed it to a quality that allows you to enjoy the gorgeousness of cacao.

■ You can enjoy the crunchy texture of Black Thunder with cocoa cookies and whole grain biscuits IN.

■ It is a product with the "Cocoa Horizon" logo mark. Black Thunder supports cocoa farmers by using cocoa horizon certified chocolate as part of their efforts to eliminate child labor and helps build an independent community that protects children and nature.

Black Thunder Mini Bar Almond & Hazelnut EXP : 1 APRIL 2023

You can enjoy the aroma of nuts containing crushed almonds and hazelnuts and the crunchy texture that makes them addictive!

■ It is a chocolate bar containing almonds and hazelnuts that have a good reputation for compatibility with chocolate.

■ By combining crushed almonds and hazelnuts with blanc biscuits, you can enjoy a fragrant taste and a crispy texture that is outstandingly responsive to eating.

■ It is perfect for a stock snack at home that you can eat on a daily basis with a sense of security and deliciousness.

Black Thunder Minibar EXP : JAN 2023

The minibar has been renewed along with Black Thunder! !!

The minibar is now even more delicious!

Coat cocoa cookies and plain biscuits with chocolate!

It is a minibar size that you can easily eat while keeping the overwhelming crunchy texture unique to Black Thunder.

As it is a large bag type that is easy to stock, you can enjoy it with your family at any time.

Yuraku Black Thunder Chocolate Mini Bar Fermented Butter 144g EXP : JAN 2023

 The secret taste is "Lorraine rock salt"! The richness and mellow aroma of butter have been finished so that you can enjoy it refreshingly.

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